Oak Wisdom is the Celtic school for Nature Spirituality and offers workshops and retreats. For members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (Obod) we organise international camps & gatherings. More information on Obod on www.druidry.org.

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Upcoming Events

Beltane 2024 retreat for OBODies in Broceliande (Brittany, France)

Broceliande, the magical forest of Celtic legends, wizards, fairies and druids in the heart of Brittany is a place with a very special energy that invites us to dive deep into the ancient stories and their meaning for us.

We heard from so many OBODies, after our trip to Broceliande this summer, "I would love to go to Brittany and Broceliande one day too" - so we will organize a retreat there in 2024 for a group of maximum 20 OBODies! We have found an accommodation in one of the most beautiful places of Broceliande, close to many significant powerplaces.

This retreat will take you on a special journey for body and soul. A journey to 4 Celtic archetypes, anchored in the legends of Broceliande, who can give us wise advice and insights about ourselves. To read more about this retreat: click here.

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