Oak Wisdom is the Celtic school for Nature Spirituality and offers workshops and retreats. For members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (Obod) we organise international camps & gatherings. More information on Obod on www.druidry.org.

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Upcoming Events

International Obod camp 2022

We are looking back to a wonderful Obod international camp! So many great things happened during those four magical days. We are so grateful for everybody’s contribution to a successful camp.

It’s our plan to organize the Obod International Camp again in 2024. Probably somewhere in June ‘24. We will be searching for a new location. Preferably more remote and quiet than the Kronenburger Lake, but still on a day travel distance for Dutch, Belgian and German Obodies.

Of course we will see many of you again in groves, meetings, national events, etc., but we are specially looking forward to meet you all again in 2024. When we have more information to share about our next camp we will mail you more details.

Next to that we are planning a druid gorsedd this year. And we are planning an exciting Obod workshop in 2023. More information will follow via this website.