Obod camp 2022

International Obod camp 2022


The international Obod camp 2022 will be held in the hills of the Eifel, next to a lake and on the edge of the forest. You can already get a taste of the venue if you click here. The venue can host up to a maximum of 90 participants.

If you have not been yet to an international Obod camp before: at the international camp you will experience four special days where you can meet likeminded souls, where you can experience inspiring, druidry related, workshops, where we sit together around the campfire, laugh and play together, where we do rituals together, and where you can present or enjoy bardic talents during the eistedfodd.

Latest news

It won't be long and then we’ll be meeting each other at the Kronenburger Lake in Germany. The camp program is almost completely finished. The general camp program was already available at our camp website, now we’ve added info on the workshops (5) on Friday and Saturday (9) and an overview of some special roles that need to be fulfilled and can be found on the caretakers webpage. If you click on the button to the right you will be taken to the program page. On that page you’ll find buttons that bring you to all the other pages. Go and have a look at the wonderful workshops that will be given by our fellow Obodies. However, not sooner than at the camp you will have to opportunity to register for the workshops you would like to attend.

For all new Bards (and of course also for Ovates and Druids): this camp is also your chance to present your Bardic skills at the Eisteddfod. For those who did not experience one yet: an Eisteddfod is sharing your creative and bardic skills in a safe and benevolent community cauldron. You are welcome to play music, sing a song, share a poem, do a play, read a story you wrote or that inspired you, or whatever speaks to you to share. You are invited to already prepare at home whatever you would like to contribute.

There is still an opportunity to join the, for the occasion formed, “Obod all-stars” musicians group. To remind you, it’s a small group of musicians that will connect in advance about music that could be played together at the camp. Choosing a few songs, sharing music notes, practice a bit already at home, could provide the basis for a lovely session together at the camp fire. No need to perform a „professional concert“, just the joy of playing together with and for the community. If you would like to join in the “Obod all-stars” musicians group, please send us an email and we’ll arrange contacts.

Another reminder: there is the opportunity to sell pagan items (books, crystals, clothes, instruments, jewelry, handcrafted items, etc.) at the Obod market on Saturday afternoon. Send us an email (info@oakwisdom.org) and we’ll reserve a spot for you.  

As it has become a tradition during the many years of international camps, also at this camp there will be a special project. The special project will be about applying your Druidic skills in the weeks before the camp, so that you already can tune into the camp’s energy. In our next newsletter (coming soon) we will give you the details of this special project. Also in our next newsletter we’ll provide you with a list of things you might want to bring to the camp in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible and a list of possible car sharing and/or travel options.

Practical info international Obod camp 2022


When? Thursday 7th till Sunday 10th of July 2022

Where? Seeuferstrasse, 53949 Dahlem-Kronenburg

Camp program


If you want to have a look at the program for our camp, click on the button below.

Other info

Costs: for this camp there are two pricing options; with our without catering. Indoor sleeping or tent/caravan/camper are rated equal. Mind you: we have a wonderful cook. "Chef de cuisine" will be our German Obodie Michael. Food will be vegetarian/vegan.

Indoor sleeping is in wooden cabins with 8 beds.

Obod camp with catering: 215 euro

Obod camp and doing your own catering: 140 euro

For kids up to 14 that sleep in tents there are special prices:

with catering 96 euro, without catering 21 euro.

It is not possible to register for the camp anymore. The camp is fully booked and there is a long waiting list.

More important info on the camp can be found on our "must read" page. Click on the button below.